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Who sees what goes on the School Blog?

Dear parents,

All the staff have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts on the school blog, and seeing what you have been doing with your children at home.

I was asked by a parent for some additional clarity regarding who can see the posts on the blog. Please remember that in my previous message I said children’s posts should only be submitted once you have checked them and have given them permission to post them. (This also applies to their comments about other posts.) When a message or comment is sent, it remains hidden from children and other visitors to the site until it has been approved by a member of staff such as the class teacher.

Once it has been approved, a post becomes visible on the blog; it can be read by a child’s fellow pupils and by anyone else who visits the website. It will appear with the child’s first name and the initial of their second name.

In the same way, comments made about other posts are not immediately visible, but once they have been approved by a teacher, they can be seen by anyone who clicks on the ‘Comments’ link above a particular post.

Thanks again for the wonderful posts you have allowed your children to share so far.

Mr Stanley