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Welcome to our Family Link page.  My name is Mrs. Nikki Downs and one of my roles in school is to provide support to families.  I have been working at Manorbrook for seven years and both my girls came here too.  I am available for a friendly chat and a cup of coffee, please just email me if you think I can help.


How I can help:

  • A sympathetic ear on any concerns or worries.

  • Support and empathy.

  • Good practical advice on anything from problems at school e.g. siblings, behaviour, bedtime routines.

  • Able to liaise with your child's teacher.

  • Advice and support in dealing with difficult behaviour.

  • Assist with children's attendance.



You can arrange an appointment by contacting the school office or by e-mailing me at:

A new feature of this page is to signpost our families to support in different areas.  If you then have any questions or queries please feel free to contact me. 


The spotlight will change regularly.  If there is an issue you think we should include, please let us know!


Spotlight on...


1. Sleep

2. Separation Anxiety

3. Picky Eaters