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School Uniform and Equipment Guidance

May 2023 Edition


Notes in blue reflect the aspects of our uniform about which small numbers of people have recently asked for or needed clarification. We hope they are helpful.


Uniform and equipment

We encourage children to take pride in their appearance and to be proud to let people know they go to Manorbrook Primary School. To foster this, we ask all children to wear our school uniform and wear their hair in a conventional, neat style. Long hair must be tied back.


We hold large amounts of spare, pre-loved uniform, in good condition; it is available to all families who ask for it. If we can help you with this (in confidence) please ask at the office and we will be happy to search for the sizes you want and let you have as much uniform as you need, for free, if we have it in stock.


Please remember to name all items of uniform and equipment. Dozens of unnamed, nearly-new items remain uncollected every year.




Maroon sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo, navy shorts or trousers and pale blue polo shirts. Navy skirts or pinafore dresses or blue and white gingham checked summer dresses​. No leggings.


School fleeces and leavers' hoodies may be worn outside the building (i.e. as jackets), but may not be worn inside. (Unless by special agreement with the school, e.g. if there are documented sensory needs.)


Please note: zipped fleeces cannot be worn inside as an alternative to sweatshirts or cardigans, but in extremely cold weather, they may be worn indoors over sweatshirts as an extra layer.


PE Kit

Plain white T-shirt and black or navy shorts or PE skirt. A change of footwear for PE and outdoor games. The addition of a tracksuit, leggings, etc. (plain) is advised in cold weather, but shorts should be worn as standard unless it is cold.


Please note: children should NOT be wearing their school shoes for PE, even if they have a trainer-type sole; a change of shoes should be kept in school for PE.




Black or navy low heeled shoes (not boots or trainers) with covered heels and toes; black soles, not white; no prominent logos.


Please note: Some school shoes are now made in a more trainer-like design. However, if you choose this option, your child will still need a change of shoes for PE.

Plain black, blue, grey or white socks. They may be long or short, but not trainer socks. Plain blue, black or grey tights. No patterned socks or tights. 


Please note: if your child wears tights, it is helpful for them to have a pair of socks, so that when they remove their tights for PE they don’t have to put bare feet into trainers.




Single plain metal stud earrings or plain small sleepers may be worn, but nothing else please.

Please note: no large, shaped, jewelled or coloured earrings.


No other jewellery, such as bangles or pendants, should be worn.

Please note: this includes no bands on wrists of any sort, including loom bands or strings with beads.



Hair accessories

Hair bands and clips should be discreet, not flamboyant, in keeping with the school uniform. (For example, no big flappy bows.)



Watches and fitness monitors

Watches and simple fitness monitors are acceptable. We would recommend something really simple and cheap, as watches are easily lost or broken.


Please note: wristwear which allows other functions that might be found on a phone, like games, messaging or recording, are not allowed. Children will be asked to take these off.