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At Manorbrook, we care deeply about the impact of improved physical health on children’s

PE experiences, their whole school learning and on their overall health and well-being. As a result, we have introduced a physical health strategy in partnership with and Future Stars Coaching.


The Gymrun Curriculum combines differentiated bodyweight exercises and short periods of running. Children work in pairs to complete seven movements in 20-25-minutes. The teaching focus is on quality of movement and on maximising the time all children spend moving.


The aim of Gymrun is for every child to reach five key outcomes in PE by the age of eleven:


To move quickly and accurately

To engage their core muscles

To support their bodyweight

To squat and jump effectively

To jog for five minutes without stopping.


Every child’s progress is measured towards these outcomes using the Gymrun Assessment Scheme.


This scheme involves five challenges measuring speed, stability, strength, power and stamina. Every child achieves an overall fitness score. This score matches one of eight coloured fitness badges. These badges inform, engage and motivate children, teachers and parents, in a similar way to grading belts in Martial Arts, and to the nationwide badge schemes for swimming and gymnastics.


The order of difficulty of the badges is as follows:


Red (first stage), Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Navy, Purple, Pink (highest stage).


Children with a lower level of fitness may reach the first stage, the red badge. We want you to see this and every badge as an achievement - a positive step to inform us on what action can be taken for children to reach the next stage in their personal fitness, health and well-being.


We hope you support and understand the transparency behind this scheme, as we develop a school culture and a mindset that is building physical health for all children.

Gymrun Five Challenges 2020.

In January 2020, London Sport and Chocolate Films put together a short promotion film of the Five Challenges at Malorees Junior School. This shows the benefit of Gymrun for all pupils.

Gymrun Foundation Exercise Videos

GymRun is a huge part of our school life. Keep it part of your Home School life using the guidelines below for sessions on You Tube. 

Gymrun Five Challenges Home

Short demonstration of how to complete the Gymrun Five Challenges at home. Visit for more information.

Gymrun Home Lessons

Virtual badges

In the absence of celebrating achievement and progress with actual badges at the current time, we have created a virtual badge. If you can do the challenges at home and send us your scores, we can send you a virtual badge (see details and email address on document below).