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Home Learning

In order to support those families who need to self-isolate, and in anticipation of potential school closures, we have made a paper-based home learning pack for each class, which your child should bring home in a plastic wallet, with an exercise book to use as necessary.


In the pack that comes home, you will also find a ‘Home Learning Overview Sheet’, containing a variety of other home learning ideas for you to use with your children. Electronic versions of these documents are shown below. Many of the learning suggestions on the sheets are online activities, including some that the children already know, such as Mymaths and Espresso. Where these tasks have been listed, your child’s teacher will have included login details (if they are needed) on the paper versions of these sheets.


For each class, teachers have chosen activities in the areas of maths and English as well as some suggestions for creative activities or those linked to topic work.


We understand that different families’ circumstances will affect how much time children will be able to spend on these activities, so we offer them as a selection for you do as much or as little of as you are able, and to use as best suits your family.

Link to Gymrun page for You Tube fitness and training videos

Home learning advice and support for SEND pupils